TFR Group and eve sleep

Case Study

Creating a sustainable mattress solution

We’ve been working with eve sleep since early 2020 on the removal, rejuvenation and recycling of mattresses. Our partnership also includes offering strategic advice and support on their sustainable initiatives.

With a dedicated focus on sustainability measures, including becoming FSC certified, the sleep wellness brand needed a better, sustainable and efficient solution for dealing with its returned mattresses responsibly. As with all businesses, it was also key to find a solution which would result in revenue recovery.

Through our focus on circular economy principles, our partnership includes rejuvenating eve sleep’s used mattresses, taking them through our stringent sanitisation and quality-check process before rolling and boxing, saving on CO2 emissions, storage and re-delivery. This also lets the end-customer enjoy the benefits of a rolled mattress.


Our partnership with eve sleep has resulted in us taking onboard the businesses’ small number of mattress returns for refurbishment or recycling and
seeing a successful rejuvenation rate of 82%. Any remaining mattresses are then broken down to ensure zero waste to landfill.

Without our solution, the waste laid out end to end would stretch over 2.5 miles long.

icon recycle green

100% of eve sleep’s mattresses

diverted away from landfill

icon 1500

Over 100

tones of waste diverted from landfill

“We decided to work with Nick Oettinger and TFR Group as we really recognise them as a forward thinking organisation and a key part of the circular economy network. Through our partnership, we have the trust and reassurance that our returned mattresses are being dealt with responsibly and have the transparency that 100% of our mattresses are being diverted away from landfill. We are already working on some exciting ideas together and can’t wait to see these come to fruition in the future soon.”

Chief Operating Officer At Eve Sleep

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