Mattress rejuvenation

Retailers lose £60 million every single year in returns through their comfort guarantee. We offer a high rejuvenation rate to online mattress retailers, with a full audit trail to help recoup the loss.


Yes. We have developed a bespoke sanitisation process in-house specifically for mattresses. It uses fogs of biocide, atomised peracetic acids, and UV sterilisation to ensure 100% of the mattress surface is clean.

If the mattress has removable covers, these are stripped and sanitised to NHS cleanliness standards before being reused.

Each mattress complies with cleanliness standard BS1425 1991.

The best. Our robust process ensures all rejuvenated mattresses are of as-new quality, based on the criteria agreed with our customers. Our household-name customers require a quality that upholds their brand’s, protecting their reputation within the marketplace.

Not only is it good for a business’ sustainability commitments, but it works for key circular economy principles. As for the bottom line, our retail clients are able to retain asset value, creating a return from a loss.

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