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167,000 tonnes of mattresses are sent to landfill every year in the UK. That’s a figure that Nick Oettinger, Managing Director of TFR Group, was simply not willing to ignore.

Whilst working as an improvement consultant in the industry, dealing with the full spectrum of waste types and processes, there was a poignant moment whilst at a landfill site when a mattress became wrapped around the drive shaft of a delivery vehicle on site. It got Nick’s cogs churning about these bulky items and how he could break down each component of the mattress to ensure as much of it was recycled and 100% diverted from landfill.

From that moment onwards, Nick concentrated on tackling difficult waste streams to generate a sustainable business, which achieves maximum recycling.

Armed with his passion for the environment and a great deal of determination, Nick set about finding a way to make a difference. In the December of 2010 he made his first move, kick-starting operations with the launch of EOL Recycling, a company that would soon grow into TFR Group. Launching EOL took months of intensive research into the limitations and possibilities of recycling processes, but it was the start of something very exciting.

Focusing on bed and mattress recycling, Nick and his growing team eventually perfected a dismantling process that separates mattresses into 19 component parts. Meanwhile, the team was also working hard to identify and on-board a variety of suitable, sustainable outlets for all of the component materials generated.

Once these were sourced, the company was finally able to launch its very first operational site in the heart of Preston, Lancashire; a very exciting day for the team.

It was only a matter of time before the UK’s businesses, local authorities and hotel chains became aware of this new, forward-thinking company, and mutually rewarding partnerships soon began to blossom.

Spurred on by their success, the EOL Recycling team went from strength to strength, eventually evolving into what is now TFR Group, a company that is recycling 7,000 mattresses per week and has already recycled over 1 million mattresses since launch.

TFR Group will not rest until 100% of all mattresses in the UK are diverted from landfill, recycled and fed back into the economy as pristine new materials. Only when they succeed in creating a truly circular economy can they create a sustainable and comfortable future for the generations to come.

The growth and success of TFR Group is attributed to its dedicated team who all share the same drive and vision, to prevent 100% of mattresses from landfill. TFR Group has also been supported by its loyal customers, who have been with the company since day one, championing its transparent and sustainable processes, along with its forward-thinking approach to mattress recycling.

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