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A Trusted Partnership

The Furniture Recycling Group (TFR Group) initially started working with Simba Mattress, one of the largest bed-in-a-box retailers in the industry, in September 2018 to recycle mattresses collected as part of their mattress removal service. Together they have recycled over 63,000 old mattresses to date. 

However, with a 200-night trial period offered to customers, Simba found that they were receiving a number of returns of nearly-new mattresses, which they had to either send for recycling or dispose of, so turned to TFR Group for a solution.

TFR Group has since been providing rejuvenation services to bring the comfort night guarantee returns back to a nearly new condition for resale. This innovative approach aligned with Simba’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. In addition, it helped Simba to recoup the losses felt from comfort night guarantee returns.


In total, TFR Group has assessed over 132,000 mattresses. Of which over 75% were rejuvenated, and the mattresses under the quality threshold were recycled.

In 2022 alone, TFR Group received over 33,000 mattresses, out of which 76% were rejuvenated.

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of 132,000 rejuvenated

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over 63000

old mattresses recycled to date

Speaking on the relationship with TFR Group, Mattress Technologist, Ian Atkins said

“TFR Group are extremely honest. There is complete transparency in both their recycling and rejuvenation service. They do exactly what they promise and there is absolutely no ambiguity in what is going to happen to the materials.”

Simba upholds rigorous quality standards to ensure customer satisfaction when purchasing rejuvenated mattresses. Each mattress undergoes a comprehensive evaluation, moving beyond a cursory inspection. Simba’s commitment to excellence involves meticulous attention to detail before expert re-packaging, an aspect that is often overlooked by customers.

Witnessing the rejuvenation process first hand, Ian Atkins said this “Sanitisation of a returned comfort night guarantee mattress is something developed, refined and perfected by Nick and his fantastic team at TFR Group. They have managed to define the standard practice of mattress sanitisation and created systems to protect the mattress from any harmful bacteria or chemicals. Their use of automated chemical cleaning and infrared disinfectant tunnel is one of a kind and we’re not aware of anything else like that in the country”.

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