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Championing regional sustainability

SUEZ has always had a clear focus on sustainability and innovation. 

Mattresses were proving difficult to process via shredders and the metal content often caused blockages and damage to the company’s equipment. This created frustrating processing delays and saw mattresses heading straight to landfill sites.

By implementing circular economy practices we have been able to remove mattresses from the business’ waste stream all together. Mattresses can now be successfully recycled by breaking down the materials into 19 different component parts including steel, cotton, polyester, and foam.


We have helped SUEZ to achieve one of their biggest sustainability goals – diverting their waste away from landfill sites, while also helping to reduce the environmental impact across the Greater Manchester region.

Through our partnership with SUEZ, we have recycled over 277,000 mattresses which would have previously been sent straight to landfill.

Over 85%

of mattress materials recycled

25+ new jobs

created as a result of GMCG contract

“Sustainability is critical to our business, so we are delighted about our evolving partnership with TFR Group, enabling us to recycle items that were previously sent to landfill. Not only does this have a positive impact on the planet it also increases Greater Manchester’s recycling rates, while helping us to achieve our environmental goals which are at the heart of our business.”

John Wrigley, Regional Director for SUEZ Recycling and Recovery UK

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