20th February 2022

Businesses making a positive impact on the circular economy

By TFRG Team

The move towards a circular economy isn’t just a great way to help reduce the amount of waste we’re all using globally while decreasing the amount of dangerous carbon emissions produced. It is also a successful business model which can increase efficiency and profitability for a range of organisations.

For many businesses it can seem daunting to embrace new sustainable initiatives, especially in a post-pandemic world. Circular economist and founder of TFR Group, Nick Oettinger, supports businesses to deliver more sustainable practices and embrace a circular economy business model using his decades of experience to guide them through the process.

Here are just a few of the innovative businesses and brands that are thriving and making a positive impact on the planet by using a circular economy model.


IKEA has always held a reputation for having a forward-thinking approach to the way things should be done, and their sustainability schemes are no different.

Last year, IKEA introduced a customer buyback scheme as part of their 2030 goal to become 100% circular. The scheme allows customers to receive up to a 50% voucher for original items brought back to store, which will roll out the scheme across 27 countries.

Ikea has also commissioned a materials investigation to find out which products currently meet circular guidelines and which need to be redesigned with the potential to be reused, refurbished or recycled.

Burger King

Global food giant, Burger King has announced plans to trial reusable packaging in its restaurants across some states in the U.S. and Tokyo. The new scheme is part of Burger King’s plan to source all packaging from renewable, recyclable, or certified sources by 2025.

Customers will be asked to leave a deposit for cups and boxes which will be refunded when the packaging is returned at a convenient collection point.


Nike has been very busy, launching three new lines created by using post-consumer waste. One of the brand’s most striking launches was the Olympic uniforms for France, Brazil and America, which was made from 100% recycled polyester.


Fast fashion giant, H&M has committed to exclusively sourcing sustainable materials by 2030 and becoming climate positive by 2040. On their journey to becoming part of the circular economy, the brand has unveiled a new collection featuring biodegradable materials including food waste and fibre derived from wood pulp.


2021 was a big year for sports brand Adidas as it unveiled its first ever fully recyclable running shoe, made from a single material. Later this year the brand plans to roll out the design on a larger scale for consumers.

The brand also sold over 15 million pairs of shoes which had been made from plastic found on beaches and coastlines in partnership with Parley for the Oceans.


HP claims to have produced the ‘world’s most sustainable PC’ – a new chromebook created using ocean-bound plastics.

Each year over 8 million tons of plastic reaches the world’s oceans causing devastation to the plant life and animal habitats. After realising the scale of the problem, HP has now pledged to increase its use of recovered plastics while raising awareness of ocean health and include ocean-bound plastics in all new desktop and laptop computers launched in its Elite and Pro lines.

At TFRG we’ve partnered with a range of big brand names including John Lewis and Eve to improve their sustainability practises by diverting end-of-life and consumer return mattresses from landfill.

Our founder, Nick Oettinger is committed to continuously improving the circular economy offering at TFRG. Our mattress rejuvenation service allows mattresses that have been returned within the trial period to be sanitised and refurbished into a better than new condition, ready to be sold on again through our retail partners.

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