9th May 2022

How TFRG’s recycling facilities for mattresses recoup profit margins for customers via refurbishment service

By TFRG Team

The UK mattress industry is predicted to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 1.52% in the next 4 years, and many of these retailers are online. And with more mattresses in the market, it could put more strain on the landfill crisis. But it doesn’t need to be this way. 


We’ve created a solution to remove mattresses from this rapidly growing landfill crisis. Our solution centres around mattress rejuvenation, which protects the environment by supporting a circular economy, all while recouping losses for retailers.


Rejuvenation and recycling logistics

Mattresses can be broken down into 19 components, with every single piece going towards a new future through recycling. But, when a mattress is returned in perfectly good condition within the comfort guarantee period, it’s not beneficial for your business to recycle it. This would cause your business to be at a financial loss. That’s where a mattress rejuvenation service becomes an economically sound solution, offering a chance to recoup financial losses. 


During the mattress rejuvenation process, each mattress returned to our facility is thoroughly inspected for a strict pass/fail criteria. If they pass, they are then put through a robust and stringent sanitisation process set by the NHS to meet their highest standards of cleanliness. 


Through fogs of biocide, atomised peracetic acids and UV sterilisation, the mattress rejuvenation process ensures 100% of the mattress surface is clean. As a result of this, the freshly rejuvenated mattresses can then be repackaged and resold, creating value from the commodity.   


Rejuvenated mattresses can not only be good for your business’ sustainability commitments, but can also work for key circular economy principles. Retail clients are able to retain asset value, recouping costs from the loss. 


Rejuvenation and recycling collection

Retailers benefit from a transparent process from collection of mattresses to recommerce or recycling. We collect mattresses on behalf of the retailer through our white label logistics service, and provide a full quality audit on arrival at our facility, to ensure those suitable for rejuvenation can be transformed into highly sanitised products for resale. This ensures that your business recoups profit margins while adding a green plan to your business strategy, contributing towards your business’ sustainability targets. The mattresses that don’t pass our stringent criteria are recycled at our facility, ensuring their life cycle continues in another form. Upon arrival, all mattress materials are segregated, processed and thoroughly sanitised, and then put through a strict quality process. 


Known to be more difficult to recycle, our pocket springs are put through our patented pocket spring machine, separating springs into steel and polypropylene waste streams, leaving recyclable components behind. 


Through incorporating these services into your business, you can take full advantage of our services to maximise your circular economy and green initiatives, offering a sustainable solution to your customers from the alternative, landfill. 


Logistics and collection service

Our patented mattress collection system for transportation can fit up to 450 mattresses into our 40ft trailers. This means we can take large quantities of bulky items out of your hands in fewer journeys than a standard trailer, which generally has capacity for up to 90 mattresses. 


To further support your business’ green strategy, we offer collection via appropriate vehicle sizes and backhaul routes, minimising CO₂ impacts during transportation. This ensures that every part of your business’ mattress rejuvenation and recycling process has as little impact on the environment as possible, reducing your company’s carbon footprint. 


Businesses should be taking advantage of recycling and rejuvenation facilities to recoup losses, particularly when it comes to mattress rejuvenation. 

Whether your business needs a collection service to have mattresses recycled or rejuvenated, TFR Group is here to help. Contact us today to find out more.



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