27th March 2024

Impact Assessment of Mattress Treatment Processes

By TFRG Team

The Furniture Recycling Group (TFRG) has pioneered innovative approaches to address the pressing issue of waste mattress management. In stark contrast to conventional methods like landfilling and shredding for scrap recycling and energy extraction, TFRG’s processes yield meticulously sorted material streams for recycling and energy recovery, or rejuvenated mattresses primed for reuse.

This independent report presents an in-depth impact assessment of TFRG’s mattress treatment processes, comparing them with alternative methodologies to elucidate their environmental footprint.

This study, created by Oakdene Hollins, a technical, science-led, circular economy consultancy, draws on methodologies established by WRAP, the Mattress Recycling Council, and the World Steel Association. It employs a comprehensive modelling approach to assess the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with TFRG’s recycling process in comparison to landfilling and shredding for ferrous scrap recycling and energy recovery. By accounting for both the direct emissions of each treatment process and the displacement of emissions from virgin resource production, this investigation offers a holistic view of the environmental impact.

Utilising life cycle assessment (LCA) techniques, the study ensures a level playing field, enabling direct comparisons between different treatment scenarios. Key parameters, including the mass and composition of an average double mattress, are standardised across all scenarios, allowing for accurate evaluation. By baselining against TFRG’s 2022 operational data and mapping detailed material and energy flows through their recycling and rejuvenation processes, this report provides a robust analysis of the relative impacts. Preliminary results indicate significant environmental benefits associated with TFRG’s treatment approaches.

In 2023 alone, TFRG’s initiatives resulted in substantial reductions in CO2 emissions, saving their customers, in total, 36,974 tonnes of CO2 through recycling and rejuvenating mattresses.

Detailed findings regarding emissions savings and material flow efficiencies will be clarified in the subsequent sections of this report, shedding light on the tangible contributions of TFRG to sustainable waste management practices.

Oakdene Hollins Report

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