17th January 2024

TFRGroup bring Sustainability and Recycling Expertise to INDX Furniture

By TFRG Team

Following successful shows in 2023, which welcomed record visitor attendance, INDX Furniture is preparing to return to its West Midlands venue, Cranmore Park on Friday 19th January.

Organised by Associated Independent Stores (AIS), the UK’s leading buying and services group for fashion, home, and leisure, day one of the January show is reserved exclusively for AIS members, with general trade visitors welcome to attend on the subsequent two days. 

TFRGroup are advocates for a greener and more eco-friendly future and we can’t wait to connect with like-minded individuals and businesses at this significant event. It’s a fantastic opportunity to explore innovative solutions and have meaningful conversations about creating a more sustainable and circular economy within the mattress, bed & wider furniture industry.

Why Attend?

Showcasing Innovation

he INDX Furniture Event is a hotspot for innovation, with exhibitors unveiling designs and technological advancements in furniture manufacturing. Attendees can witness firsthand how creativity and technology converge to redefine the possibilities in furniture design.

Networking Opportunities

The event provides an excellent platform for networking, bringing together industry experts, designers, manufacturers, and retailers. Attendees can engage in discussions, share experiences, and establish valuable connections that can potentially shape the future of their businesses.


For those keen on staying ahead of the curve, the event is a treasure trove of emerging trends in design. From colour palettes to materials and styles, attendees get a sneak peek into what’s likely to dominate the industry in the coming months.

Zoe Flynn, Group Head of Sales at TFRGroup comments

“The INDX Furniture Show is a crucial event for us at The Furniture Recycling Group. It’s not just a platform to showcase our commitment to sustainability, but also an opportunity to learn from and collaborate with leaders in the industry. I believe that events like these are pivotal in shaping the future of our industry and the expo allows us to showcase our commitment to recycling and explore partnerships with suppliers who share our values. 

Bed manufacturers & companies play a crucial role in shaping the future of sustainability. By embracing mattress recycling and rejuvenation services, they can actively contribute to reducing mattress waste, minimise environmental impact, and meet the expectations of environmentally conscious consumers.”

Visit us on Friday 19th January at Booth SKY3 to discover how we are revolutionising our client’s approach to recycling and helping with their sustainability objectives. 

If you’d like to learn more, please contact Zoe to arrange a meeting in advance: zoe@tfrgroup.co.uk

About TFRGroup

TFRGroup is the leading specialist mattress recycler in the UK, established over 14 years ago to resolve this difficult waste stream we have recycled over 3 million mattresses to date.

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