16th November 2020

TFR Group partners with SUEZ to offer long-term mattress recycling for Greater Manchester residents

By TFRG Team

We’re delighted to reveal that we’ve partnered up with SUEZ to handle the mattress recycling for a new facility in Greater Manchester. 

The Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) awarded the recycling and recovery municipal waste services contract to SUEZ Recycling and Recovery UK. Suez then tasked us with developing and operating the Bolton-based facility. 

Thousands of mattresses are currently disposed of by Greater Manchester residents each year at its local Household Waste Recycling Centres. This new facility will enable us to recycle 250,000 mattresses each year, diverting bulky waste from our bursting landfill sites. It has also already led to the creation of 25 full time sustainable jobs within the facility. Our aim is to substantially increase this in 2021 thanks to the hard work delivered between TFR Group, SUEZ and GMCA. 

Our recycling process involves breaking down the mattresses into its 19 different components, including steel, latex, foam, and also polyester. These materials are sorted, sanitised and quality checked so they can then be recycled into new products. New products include mattress felts and fillings, pet bedding, carpet underlay, automotive felt, and also stab-proof vests.  

The raw materials extracted from the mattresses will also be sent to reprocessors and manufacturers based within 40 miles of the facility. This means we’re supporting the local economy as well as ensuring the carbon footprint of the process remains low.

With our skilled mattress dismantlers, our facility is currently recycling over 600 mattresses per day. We’re also recycling over 85% of the mattresses’ materials generated.

Nick Oettinger, CEO of TFR Group’s thoughts

Our CEO, Nick Oettinger, commented: “It’s great to be part of this collaboration between GMCA, Suez and TFR Group. Together we’re offering long-term and large-scale mattress recycling to Greater Manchester residents. Plus, we’re creating 25 new sustainable jobs during a challenging economic time. 

“Mattresses are a notoriously difficult waste stream to recycling. We’re really pleased to operate the new process facility in Greater Manchester as it means we can return tonnes of pristine recycled materials back into the economy.”

Anna Bell, Contract Director for Suez also commented: “The number of mattresses being thrown away is increasing across the UK. It’s now estimated at 8.5 million a year nationally. Through our partnership with TFR Group we will recycle over 1.5 million mattresses in Greater Manchester over the course of our contract with GMCA, making a significant contribution to our collective efforts to increase recycling rates. 

“Suez has been working with TFR Group for over two years to develop the most effective solution to meet Greater Manchester’s mattress recycling needs. We’re delighted to see the fruits of that collaboration in this new service and facility.” 

Greater Manchester residents should look out for the new mattress recycling containers. They have been installed at local recycling centres to take in unwanted and used mattresses. 

Find out more on GMCA’s website: https://www.greatermanchester-ca.gov.uk/news/new-mattress-recycling-facility-opens-in-greater-manchester/

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