1st November 2022

TFR Group secures funding from RetourMatras

By TFRG Team

TFR Group has secured investment from Netherlands-based mattress recycling company RetourMatras to help grow its mattress dismantling capacity to 1.5 million mattresses per year.

The partnership

RetourMatras’ investment will support TFRG in addressing the number of disposed mattresses in the United Kingdom, which has grown significantly over the last five years.

Alongside expanding recycling capacity, the partnership will allow TFRG to optimise its recycling and rejuvenation processes – looking at transport dismantling and material recoverability – ultimately working towards a fully circular mattress value chain.

By leveraging the combined experience and knowledge of the companies, TFR Group can create economies of scale, further increase material recoverability and realise significant carbon emission savings.

Nick Oettinger, CEO and founder of TFR Group, commented:

“We are constantly looking for opportunities to further our capabilities and are delighted to be partnering with RetourMatras. The investment is another step in the evolution of our business and will be instrumental in optimising and growing our recycling and rejuvenation processes. The investment will enable us to provide broader coverage of our services, as well as accelerating business growth and fast-tracking our automation plans, ultimately driving down the cost of mattress recycling for our customers.”

Chico Van Hemert, Managing Director of RetourMatras, commented:

“We are very excited to be partnering with TFR Group as it enters its next phase of growth. TFR Group is a great example of entrepreneurship in the circular economy. By working together with players throughout the value chain, I truly believe that we can recycle more mattresses. We can further transform mattresses into valuable raw materials by taking the best practices and unique processes pioneered by both, TFR Group and RetourMatras. I look forward to growing the business together with Nick and his team, and jointly developing opportunities to make the mattress value chain circular.”

The growth of TFRG

TFRG has doubled its sales and workforce over the past four years and has recycled more than 3.5 million mattresses since 2012 – with 30,000 tons of material flowing back into the economy.

The company also rejuvenates mattresses, underpinning its commitment to key circular economy principles. Using its bespoke rejuvenation process, TFR Group can ensure that all rejuvenated mattresses are of as-new quality, based on the criteria set with customers.

Rejuvenation prevents valuable mattresses from ending up as waste, giving them a second life and keeping them in circulation.

An introduction into RetourMatras

RetourMatras dismantles mattresses and prepares the materials for reuse in the Netherlands.

A self-developed, state-of-the-art automated process makes mattress recycling feasible and enables RetourMatras to substantially contribute to the recycling targets of the Netherlands. The company is actively seeking opportunities to expand its impact.

For more information on how TFRG can help your business achieve its sustainability goals, please contact us today.

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