The sustainable bed and
mattress recycling specialists

Providing a sustainable outlet for a difficult waste stream, we divert 100% of mattresses we process
from landfill in the UK. We work with the UK’s businesses and local authorities to recycle and repurpose
mattress materials, creating a circular economy for mattresses and their component parts.

Although we are frequently asked by members of the public to recycle individual mattresses,
we’re afraid we only work with corporate clients.

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167,000 tonnes

of mattresses still sent to landfill
each year in the UK

Others are incinerated or dumped
on vacant properties

Over 1 million

mattresses recycled since launch

Since TFR Group was launched in
2012 we have recycled more and
more mattresses each year

7000 mattresses

recycled every week by TFR Group

A figure we aim to increase to
20,000 in the coming years

Over 30,000 tonnes

of materials fed back into economy

Sanitised recycled materials are sent to
manufacturing industry to make new
products and create a circular economy

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The Furniture
Recycling Group

167,000 tonnes of mattresses are sent to landfill every year in the UK. That’s a figure that Nick Oettinger, Managing Director of TFR Group, was simply not willing to ignore.

Whilst working as an improvement consultant in the industry, dealing with the full spectrum of waste types and processes, there was a poignant moment whilst at a landfill site when a mattress became wrapped around the drive shaft of a delivery vehicle on site. It got Nick’s cogs churning about these bulky items and how he could break down each component…

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