16th June 2021

Consumer recycling insights retailers need to know

By TFRG Team

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the impact their purchase decisions have on the environment and sustainability. In fact, as they embrace social causes and responsibilities, they seek new brands

19th November 2020

Why retailers should invest in sustainable waste management

By TFRG Team

Here we discuss the importance of why retailers should be investing in sustainable waste management and take it a step further with circular economy principles. What is sustainable waste management?

16th April 2021

What retailers need to know about the Green Recovery Plan

By TFRG Team

Here we explore the UK’s Green Recovery Plan and the impact COVID-19 has had on the environment. We also discuss whether the UK needs more environmental regulation and innovation investment

22nd March 2021

Are environmental taxes the answer to achieving a circular economy?

By TFRG Team

Here we explore the taxes introduced to protect our environment and whether more are needed across all sectors to achieve a circular economy.  Examples of environmental taxes introduced  There have

16th November 2019

The role of retailers in creating a circular economy

By TFRG Team

Consumers have long been targeted for their sustainability efforts, from recycling to upcycling and beyond. However, while individuals can make a difference to sustainability targets, businesses, and in particular, manufacturers

6th June 2019

The implications of evolving mattresses and how retailers can help the recycling industry

By TFRG Team

The mattress industry has grown over recent years with the types of mattresses available to consumers expanding to fulfil every individual’s particular sleep needs. Mattresses now range from latex, memory

20th June 2018

Landfill Tax – a taxing or promising impact?

By TFRG Team

The Landfill Tax has been in existence since October 1996 and has been gradually increasing as the government and society has become more aware of the damage sending waste to

18th May 2018

Avoidable waste to landfill by 2050

By TFRG Team

The earth’s resources are becoming scarce and extremely costly to access. It’s time for legislation to be put in place to stop the linear products from going to landfill and