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At TFR Group we never stop looking for ways to fine
tune the mattress recycling process. Here’s just a taste
of what we’ve been working on so far:

automated pocket spring mattress recycling machine

Automated Pocket Spring Recycling Machine

In 2016 we made headlines when we launched our world-first, patented automated pocket spring recycling machine. The process of breaking down pocket spring mattresses is traditionally very time consuming, with a single pocket spring mattress taking over half a day to deconstruct. This is one of the main reasons why many recycling companies before us have become overwhelmed by the task at hand, and have resorted to dumping mattresses in landfill sites instead.

Having experienced this difficult task first hand, we knew that something needed to be done to streamline this process and make recycling pocket spring mattresses a viable alternative to landfill. After months of researching, testing and patenting we were able to launch our automated pocket spring recycling machine, which dismantles and separates the components in the pocket springs of a mattress in just 2.5 minutes.

The result? Highly useful, recyclable components that can be sold on, re-used or recycled, creating a circular economy out of a waste stream that was previously thought to be unmanageable. With our machine, recycling pocket spring mattress components isn’t just possible; it’s incredibly efficient.

Mattress Transportation System

Before we can process the mattresses they need to be brought to our recycling facility, which requires the use of large trucks and trailers.

This creates two issues. Firstly, the cost of using such vehicles is very high when large volumes of mattresses need to be transported, which puts many organisations off the idea of sending their mattresses to us for recycling.

The second issue is the cost to the environment. With the UK’s target to reduce CO2 emissions by 34 per cent by 2021, we couldn’t allow our own processes to continue to have such a deep carbon footprint. So once again we hit the drawing board and began researching ways to reduce the number of lorries and trucks needed to bring mattresses to our site. Eventually, we designed and prototyped a revolutionary system that will allow a standard 40ft trailer, ordinarily capable of carrying just 90 mattresses, to carry an incredible 600 mattresses.

This increase in capacity means a significant reduction in transportation costs, and a vast increase in the viability of mattress recycling throughout the country, not to mention a reduction in CO2 emissions as a result of fewer vehicles on the road. The system is now in the final stages of development and we’re looking forward to making it available to clients in the near future – that will be another big win for the future of the bulky waste recycling industry, and another resounding success for our research and development team.

tfrg vans
automated mattress striping machine

Automated Mattress Stripping Machine

Our automated pocket spring recycling machine helped us to significantly reduce the time taken to breakdown a pocket spring mattress. However, we didn’t want to stop there, as we knew there was more we could do to speed up the process of breaking down all types of mattresses to allow us to increase our capacity, ultimately meaning more mattresses can be recycled rather than going to landfill.

We are developing a world-first automated mattress stripping machine, this will reduce the time taken to strip down a mattress by a massive 70 percent

Initial tests of our innovative machine have proved successful and are currently building a full working prototype to test the machine further.

Watch this space!

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